Poetry | Song

First Nations Poetry Song

I am the universe

The universe is me

I am the future

The future is me

I am the present

The present is me

I am the past

The past is me

I am the blood

The blood is me

I end the feud

The feud ends with me

I am the music

The music is me

I am the ancient ones

The ancient ones are me

See the sun

See the moon

See the stars

I am them

They are me

Hear the river

It is me

Feel the wind

It breaths the ancestors

The ancestors are me

I sing the words

My blood knows the lyrics and the rhythm

I am the universe

The universe is me

I was born the way I was born

and I was born the way I was born

I will celebrate that

and I celebrate that

I’ve lived a hundred lives

I will live a thousand more

I know you now

and I will know you then

New York to Canada to L.A.

We found each other along the way

New York to Canada to East L.A

and we’ll find each other again

My brother

My sister

I know your face

I feel your presence

You are in my waking dreams

If we haven’t met now

I will meet you then

I was born the way I was born

and I was born the way I was born

I will celebrate that

and I celebrate that

I’ve lived a hundred lives

I will live a thousand more

The hardship

The love

The laughing

The time spent thinking

Life, it could have been more

When it came time to leave our lands

It wasn’t the first time and it wouldn’t be the last

The Earth knows where we have been

and our travels can make amends

To keep standing and not fall

I was born the way I was born

and I was born the way I was born

I will celebrate that

and I celebrate that

I’ve lived a hundred lives

I will live a thousand more

He is sleeping

Don’t wake him up

He tells me about his dreams

About the woman he has seen

the mountain that he has climbed

the stream that he has crossed

If I wake him

Then the story will be lost

He is sleeping

I won’t wake him up

when night falls

and the stars are in the sky

Will I be in his memory

To be dreamt of while he rests

In my heart I do no different

In my thoughts I keep him alive

The sleep that he enjoys now

Will not always be

He is sleeping

Don’t wake him up

But if my time has come to join him

Will he welcome me in peace

I have woke him

Not intending to be unfair

But he felt my cry for help

I thanked him just by being there

Am I closer to humanity?

I bleed.

Do I feel a little more?

I bleed.

Are my thoughts within the universe?

Will I see you, sense you because I give?

My blood leaves my body

Spills out into the world

Because I know the pain, the lust, the urges

More than man can even know or that he can ever, ever, ever experience.

I bleed.

My heart is tied to my gut.

I bleed.

I feel the earth within my being.

I bleed.

It returns to me two-fold.

Only now do I see

How it is that woman lives

A conduit for life

The platform for those who breath.

I bleed.

For you, for me, for those who have died.

My pain, my pleasure, my sorrow is a sign for all.

I bleed.

I am not politically correct

I stand with my feet planted in the earth

The water of a cold stream rushing past my knees,

up to my hips that I birthed this Nation from

Between the ancestral mountain and the mighty ocean

Beneath the greatness of thunder sky

And the brightness of the Fire King

The power of the luminaries

Calling out to the ancestors

The Oneness of the Universe

How shall this day end

And that the night brings light for my path into tomorrow

And the day brings darkness

Hiding the true story of the People

We say our piece and I speak my truth

Let go and release, yield to yourself and to others

Our essence is passed between the walls of our life force

Change and metamorphosis for all

Telling stories and writing the future

Bringing life and vision

My heart burns with your meraki

Knowing I am forever new

I accept the talking stick from you

Please accept my message and welcome my thoughts

As I do

Hear what the Grand Council has to say

They plan and strategize for the nations and the small

The mighty look to what is not shiny for the answers

Do you answer the call

Stand up and take the talking stick

Say your piece

Bring your vision to the council and wear the belt of peace

We create and bring life to all that is new

Bringing energy and humble words

Laced with precision and sharp

Cutting through layers of old to reveal what is beneath

Shaping lives and what will soon be here

Opening to the very center and revealing a benevolent outcome

We say our piece and I speak my truth

I yield

This wound is open and time has left its mark

Put hearts to the ground and heal the nations

Every elder of every tribal clan

This call will now be answered

Send your elder from each Nation

From every corner of the earth, all across the lands

The Grand Council will meet united

Placing a shift and ripping

through the cloak of darkness and revealing the cause

Their energy will go out into the bones and send the final message

The vibration will fill the universe and the tear will become a scar

Peace is the harmonious balance between fear and desire = FIRE.

For every fear there is an equal desire.

List six words that represent the essence of peace,
which is three for fears and three for desire, and write them down.
Create a 12-pie chart and write each word in a sentence
to reflect both a fear and a desire.

For example:



Being Seen






For every desire there is a fear, a yin and a yang.  

The harmonious balance equals PEACE.

Take the equality of your fears and desires and burn them in the FIRE.  

Let the smoke of PEACE go into the universe
to become part of the atmosphere.

Add water to the ashes of PEACE
and place the mixture at the root of a very large tree.

Smear the tree root with the mixture
and also let it seep into the ground
to be absorbed into the roots of the very large tree. 

The energy and message of PEACE from the FIRE
will go out into the atmosphere and become part of the universe
affecting a change to create the harmony of fear and desire
and a resounding message of PEACE.

The people will breath in the harmony of fear and desire in equal parts
and energy and absorb it into their body and create changes in their DNA
by changing their thoughts and energy vibrations by experiencing
the meraki of the FIRE.

In this way we pass the talking stick and live under peace
through a harmonious balance of desire and fear.

We hold our head high and keep our vision to the future, 

savoring the journey.

Our travels complement what our soul has manifest

Telling our story to future generations 

Letting in the light and opening our hearts wide

Setting foot on land and drifting across the ocean floor

Not yet knowing its depth, but the sea our labor.

Without rest we continue on

Seeking more

Hungry for life and thirsty with lust, to experience even more.

To know what is being written,

all while resting in sleep

Unaware we are creating the future

and being prophet to those yet to walk the sands.


Today, as a gathering of souls, we ask, "What is love?" 

Love is the salve that heals the wound, the voice of reason,

the warm embrace, a welcoming, a receptive heart, an open palm. 

Love is setting the ego aside. 

Love is unconditional and sees only the soul 

and through loves’ lessons my soul sees your soul 

and now the wound becomes a scar.

In unconditional love the power of our energy is united 

across the entirety of Mother Earth,

beneath the vastness of Father Sky. 

The coolness of healing waters run through
the blood that has been spilled. 

The wind carries the voices of lament and sings a new song. 

The flame of fire burns brightly to ignite
and power a spirit of joy and community 

where fear has no mastery
and when we are vulnerable we are seen in beauty 

and stand in our power and let go of
what things are not in support of the community path.

We are rebuilding the former 

cornerstone foundations with unconditional love. 

We are establishing bridges of trust and paths of loving kindness 

that energetically creates a oneness of souls. 

As we heal, so does the universe.


I hear the sound of tree frog

I hear the wing of bird

Cricket singing her song

I hear the ripple of water

Dancing in the moonlight

I hear tires on pavement

A symphony of tree

Carry on

I hear you whisper sweet nothings in my ear

I like best what you're saying to me

Carry on

The night is cold

Coyote howl

May the healing begin

Carry on

Carry on

Standing strong

Standing strong

Carry on

Carry on

Standing still

Standing still

Heal me tree frog

Heal me bird

Heal me cricket

Heal me mighty tree

Carry on

Carry on

Standing still

Standing still

Heal me water

On this journey

Carry on

I will carry on